About me

I’m a third-year PhD student at UC San Diego, advised by Berk Ustun. I work on optimization, interpretability, and uncertainty quantification for deep learning and generative modeling, with applications in healthcare, physical science, and finance. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Harvard and have industry machine learning experience at Twitter, Meta, and Lendbuzz. Outside of research, you can find me training for my next triathlon, cycling around San Diego, or working in my garden.


Classification with Conceptual Safeguards
Hailey Joren, Charles T. Marx, Berk Ustun
ICLR 2024

Participatory Personalization in Classification
Hailey Joren, Chirag Nagpal, Katherine Heller, Berk Ustun
NeurIPS 2023
Spotlight Recognition

DYffusion: A Dynamics-informed Diffusion Model for Spatiotemporal Forecasting
Salva Rühling Cachay, Bo Zhao, Hailey Joren, Rose Yu
NeurIPS 2023

Learning Document Graphs with Attention for Image Manipulation Detection
Hailey Joren, Otkrist Gupta, Dan Raviv
ICPRAI International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence 2022

MRZ code extraction from visa and passport documents using convolutional neural networks
Yichuan Liu, Hailey Joren, Otkrist Gupta, Dan Raviv
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR) 2022

Printing and Scanning Investigation for Image Counter Forensics
Hailey Joren, Otkrist Gupta, Dan Raviv
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2021

Workshop Papers

Participatory Systems for Personalized Prediction
Hailey Joren, Chirag Nagpal, Katherine Heller, Berk Ustun
A Participatory Approach to AI for Mental Health Workshop at NeurIPS 2022
Selected for Oral Presentation

Probabilistic Bias Mitigation in Word Embeddings
Hailey Joren, David Alvarez-Melis
Workshop on Human-Centric Machine Learning at NeurIPS 2019

Academic Service and Teaching

Graduate Women in Computing (GradWIC) Mentorship Director

I run the GradWIC mentorship program. With over 150 participants, I match incoming students from underrepresented backgrounds with experienced graduate student mentors and supervise mentorship across all mentor pairings.


I volunteered as a lecturer and teaching assistant for AddisCoder, a summer program that teaches computer science to high school students in Ethiopia.

I served as a teaching assistant for CSE258: Recommendation System and Web Mining, taught by Julian McAuley.

During college, I served as a Harvard Patel Fellow, the recipient of a fellowship that allowed me to work with teaching staff to support students of diverse backgrounds and work individually with students in an introductory computer science course.


  • NeurIPS 2023
  • NeurIPS 2022